This is me

So ….this is me!  Margita, Marge, Margi or Penguin, whichever you choose to call me it’s all me. I am a Croatian mom of two beautiful children who just (definition just in case) loves to travel, laugh, explore, have fun and photograph every special moment of my life.

The penguin nickname is the most important to me cause it changed my life forever. My love (apple of eye meaning) (or as we Croatians say “moja ljube”) gave me a perfect pebble, just like penguins do when they find there perfect match. So I’ve found my perfect match, Mr. G. To be honest I tossed the first pebble because I didn’t understand the meaning. To me it looked like a perfect rock for “žabice” ( when you throw a rock and hope it will bounce of the water surface more than once ). I’m looking forward to all our trips together!

I’ve been through a lot in my life, just like most people. I’ve battled anorexia, cancer, divorce, no job, bad job, but some very nice things happened along the way. I had a beautiful childhood and went on my first trip to New York with my mom when I was six years old. We went to see my family, cousins with whom I’m still very close. To me it looked like a whole new world. I decided then to be a flight attendant (never happened).

I was a European dart champion and played for Croatian national dart team for couple of years. I was also a model, most beautiful Mrs. Croatia for 2004 and Mrs. Globe first runner up for 2004. All of that gave me opportunity to travel and I’ve fallen in love with it.

So now I’m going to share EVERYTHING with you! The places I’ve seen and going to see, food I’ve tried or not, funny adventures and I’m going to be honest! I hope to inspire you and I hope you’ll follow penguin footprints!

Join the ride!


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