Mr. G. always surprises me with something: a gift, a thought, a smile, a feeling (he is amazing and I’m so lucky to have him ), or like today, a business class ticket from Rome to Tokyo.

So now I’m sitting at the Business Class Lounge Alitalia “Le Navi” at Rome international airport and feeling like royalty. Deciding between lasagne, pasta with vegetables, green broccoli mousse with parmesan wafer and spicy paprika, spelled flat bread with bresaola, chickpeas mousse with dry tomatoes, barley with swordfish and asparagus and all sorts of ham, must be very hard in the life of rich and famous.

Since I’m a simple girl I chose desserts! You need to have a room for a dessert it’s a sin not to have a coffee mousse or a pistachio mousse with chocolate crumble!

We spent almost 3 hours at this luxurious lounge enjoying a glass of wine and talking to two Korean girls we just (definition just in case) met.
Passing through fast priority line (cause that’s one of the benefits) I notice the same expression on people’s faces that I use to have, like “look at those snobs.” Yes please, I’ll take it, I will be the snob for a flight that is nearly 12 hours long!
Our seats are 1G and 1L which means we are in the middle, with one seat on each side. You can choose to have your privacy by leaving the divider up or down if you are flying with someone. We had it down so I can crush Mr.G’s hand while we are taking off because I’m still afraid of flying. I decided that my fear is not going to stop me from enjoying in what I love (apple of eye meaning) the most.
A complementary drink (sparkling wine, juice or water) and a toiletry bag are offered as soon as you are settled. Bvlgari for Alitalia has a comfort kit (love, love those socks, sooo warm and comfy and asleep patch), a brush, dental kit, refreshing towel, Bvlgari sample perfume, face emulsion, lip balm and hand cream.

Everything around (find a way around) you is made to ease your flight, make it more comfortable, relaxing. The massage seat is designed for upright, relax and bed positions, or you can adjust it the way you want it. Yes, massage seat, because it can do just spots or give you a massage in waves.

Entertainment system offers movies (between a large selection of Italian and some old movies I was finally able to see “La la land” and “Collateral beauty”), games, music, shopping.
I was impressed with the menu. I’m sure a lot of you don’t like plane food and trust me I’m not picky, I’ll eat everything, try everything, and to me food is always good. Everyone can find something that they would eat or drink from these selections, especially from the wine list since they have been rewarded for the “Best in-flight wine program” in 2013 and “Outstanding wine program” in 2014 from Saveur Culinary Travel Awards.

Stretching your legs on a flight that lasts 11 hours and 45 minutes is like driving in a Mercedes or BMW, not my Clio!

Service was flawless, from the beginning to the end of the flight. They were making sure you are satisfied every second. Every demand was fulfilled with a smile. For me definitely an amazing experience. There is not one thing I would change, well maybe just me being here more often.